I was born in Stoke on Trent in 1957 and my free time as a child was spent in the fields and by the canals in The Potteries. I was drawing from an early age and did well in art at school, earning A levels in Painting and Sculpture. I studied painting at North Staffs. Polytechnic under Arthur Berry, obtained a B.A.(Hons.)2i in Fine Art and kept on drawing while working in a Royal Doulton potbank and various factories.


I felt that I wanted to serve the community and joined the Leicestershire police force as a constable. Later I qualified as an art teacher and worked in special and mainstream education.


I've been an adult tutor and an emergency ambulance crew member and I now work on a casual basis for Leicester Museum teaching history (especially Ancient Egyptian) and art (especially German Expressionist).


Throughout, I've been drawing and developing my ideas in response to the people and places I've seen. Like many people I'm concerned about the destruction of the natural environment, injustice in society and the rise of the far right in politics.


I've never 'pushed' my art but I've worked with and for the community - see below.



David Garry Cartlidge



2 paintings for Milton Parish Church, Stoke-on-Trent

2 paintings for St. Andrew's Church, Aylestone, Leicester

Painting for Mount St. Bernard Abbey, Leicester

8 portrait commissions

Painting at West Midlands Arts Exhibition, Stafford

5 works at Charnwood Arts exhibitions, Leicester

6 works at City Gallery, Leicester

Portrait commissions, retirement gifts, murals, scenery paintings

3 paintings in Leicester Miniworks Exhibition

Self portrait at City Gallery, Leicester

8 works at Magpie Gallery, Uppingham

3 portraits at Frank Haynes Gallery, Market Harborough

2 works at Magpie Gallery

2 works in Potteries Museum and Art Gallery

13 book Illustrations

5 works in Gallery 18, Loughborough

Large wooden sculpture and 13 Paintings for British Museum touring exhibition

Painted resources for Thackray Medical Museum, Leeds

2 murals at Newton Regis School, Tamworth

One man show in City Gallery, Leicester

5 painted 'head in hole' boards for Leicester City Council

Resources for German Expressionist Exhibition, Leicester Museum

Animal sculptures for Tall Ship Museum, Glasgow

Roman/Saxon displays & timeline mural at Jewry Wall Museum, Leicester

14 paintings for Jewry Wall Museum

Art Resources for Picasso Exhibition, Leicester Museum

Oakthorpe village community mural

Painted resources for Dinosaur Exhibition, Leicester Museum

Woodblock prints for German Expressionist exhibition, Leicester Museum

Roman resources for Grosvenor Museum, Chester

2 community murals for Olympic Torch Relay, Leicester City Council

Large timeline mural at Highfields School, Leicester

3 works in Open 24 Exhibition, Leicester

6 'head in hole' boards for Hinckley Snap Dragon festival

Large outdoor mural & 6 animal sculptures for Slater School, Leicester

Ceramic resources for Sharpe's Pottery Museum, Derbyshire

Painting in Open 25 Exhibition, Leicester

WW1 internet resources and illustrations for Newarke Houses Museum

Painted chariot horses for Jewry Wall Museum, Leicester

Painting in Open 14 Exhibition, Loughborough

WW1 visual aids for Newarke Houses Museum

Visual aids and animal sculpture for Jewry Wall Museum

Painting in Open 26 Exhibition, Leicester

Roman resources for Jewry Wall Museum, Leicester

Painted resources for Lowestoft Museum

More animal sculptures for Tall Ship Museum, Glasgow

Roman 'head in hole' boards for Jewry Wall Museum

Painted Victorian resources for New Walk Museum

Painting in Open 27 Exhibition, Leicester

Painted Ancient Egyptian resources for New Walk Museum

40 foot and 50 foot murals for Whitehall School, Leicester